February 11, 2006

From January in the BVI to February in DC

I've let this go too long. I'm working on a description of the trip to the British Virgin Islands; in the meantime, I'll work with where I am now.

I just got into my hotel in Washington, DC, where I'm attending the Winter Meetings of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions. I'm grateful for the opportunity to occasionally travel to interesting cities in my work for the State of Washington. These meetings are a good chance to catch up with some of my colleagues from other states and learn some useful things from them. DC's a pretty interesting town, too, and I always find something energizing to do.

Just arriving this evening was fun. The first half of the flight was over cloudless country, all the way over the Rockies. The second half was cloudy and, as we approached Washington National, we descended through clouds for what seemed like an hour. It was one of those landings: you couldn't see a thing but clouds, until a couple of hundred feet above the runway, when we popped out into snow falling. That made the walk from the Metro stop to the hotel more interesting than usual.

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