April 19, 2006


When I started this, I resolved to do as little writing about blogging as possible. I could go on and on about how this might work, or should work, or could, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do here. And, yet, here I am, dissatisfied with what I’ve been able to do: only about an entry a week.

In the first place, I do this at a time of very low energy for me. I can’t say I have a very hard job, but it takes a good part of my creative energy. Most evenings, I don’t feel that I have the push to finish a useful post.

Second, it turns out to be harder to do this in what feels like an empty space. In my other writing, at work, it always feels like I’ve an audience, even when I don’t get any response. I know the people I’m sending whatever it is to. It keeps me on my toes.

Finally, this is just plain harder to do than I thought, going in. It doesn’t help when I read something smoother, funnier, more eloquent, or better informed than I can muster. Thinking it through in preparation, I always imagine the results as so much more effective and interesting than I find when I write them out.

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Anonymous said...

I have much the same reaction when I even contemplate starting a blog, or taking up any number of other long imagined new projects. Think I'm probably more sunk in cronic, low-level depression than I'd like to admit - and yet I continue to eschew the Big Pharma "Solution." Anyway, love the look and feel of your blog, in general; it might even help to get me moving in a similar direction. Mike S, from Seattle