May 16, 2006

Young Female Osprey M-48905 'Mirja'

This is a very cool site, showing the travels of a young osprey over several years of migrations between Finland and West Africa. It's updated regularly. Mirja is now hanging out around Lake Lagoda, north of St. Petersburg. Apparently, there's some fuss in Finland about how "their" osprey has been hanging out in Russia.
Finnish Museum of Natural History: On 2 July 2002 in Hauho, Ilmoila, in Hame, Tero Niskanen ringed three Osprey fledglings. The youngest, M-48905, was recaptured at the nest on 31 August, when she was observed to be a female weighing 1810 g, and she was named 'Mirja'. At this time, Mirja had already been fully fledged for over three weeks. She was fitted with a solar-powered transmitter weighing 30 g (manufactured by Microwave).
The Google map of the spring migration is particularly cool. It's amazing to me that the tracking device can "talk" to the researchers over thousands of miles and that it has lasted several years.

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