January 25, 2007

Meta: Back in the Blogger

The work project I was bending all of my energy toward through the fall has, more or less, been completed. (When is an application development project ever finished?) It’s taken me this long to recover my energy from that push (and to get over my irritation over how under-appreciated it was).

I’ve converted my blog to New Blogger Beta a few weeks ago and I’m going through my old postings and tagging labeling them.

With the exception of that last quarter collapse, the first year of blogging has been interesting. Not much of a readership, only a few comments, but I find it interesting to make myself write and to do so publicly. I try to actually write something, rather than react or just post something someone else has written. That means it takes some inspiration and some energy. It also means I try to stay close to what I know, which limits me considerably, and calls for even more inspiration. I think I’ll keep it up.

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