February 3, 2007

The County Prosecutor Should Get It Together

This item in today's Olympian...
A former Thurston County paralegal secretary has filed an $86,000 sexual- and disability- discrimination and retaliation claim against the county and the office of Prosecuting Attorney Ed Holm.

Holm, who could not be reached for comment late Friday, was not specifically named in the claim, which was filed Jan. 9 with the county's human resources department by Susanne Davis of Lacey. Davis, who worked for about 14 years in the county's non-support office, left her job in fall 2004 on disability and was fired in 2005, said her attorney, William Michael Hanbey of Olympia.
Following this item from a few months back...
SHELTON - The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office discriminated against three of its former attorneys because they are women, and the county now owes them $1.52 million in damages, a Mason County jury decided Tuesday.

The jury also found that the Prosecuting Attorney's Office retaliated against each of the three plaintiffs after they came forward with their discrimination complaints.
...brings to mind questions about the competence of the Prosecutor. I don't care how good an attorney he is, if the shop he runs can't avoid these kinds of problems, then he's not the manager that the job calls for.

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