February 23, 2010

I’m Going to Patagonia

It's been months to get to this point, but in a couple of days, I'm boarding a plane to fly over the equator for the first time. I'm one of a dozen Mountaineers on a two-and-a-half week trip to Patagonia, in the mountains of southern Argentina and Chile, for hiking and sightseeing.

We'll spend a full day in Buenos Aires for sightseeing. After that, we'll fly to El Calafate, in southwestern Argentina, from which we'll travel to glaciers pouring off the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and hike to view some spectacular peaks, such as Cerro Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine.

As before, I plan to blog the trip and will upload when I can get a connection.


Bruce said...

have an amazing trip. I will be following your adventures via your blog.

sanchoponza said...

Talk about timing! They day before an 8.8 earthquake?? Naturally we are concerned about you but know you have all the skills to handle whatever comes your way. Still, it will be nice to hear from you. Bon voyage.
Nancy G.

Mike Kretzler said...

The quake hit near Santiago, Chile, on the west coast of South America while we were in Buenos Aires, on the east coast, so the only effect was on the news media.

We're now in southern Patagonia, well south of the quake zone, so it will take a more local disaster to get to us.

It's pretty nice, so far.