June 9, 2007

Back, Though I Haven’t Been Gone

I don’t have a good explanation for the hiatus, except that time passes whether we blog or not. So, here we are, two months gone.

I wanted to start back in with a shout-out to those writers that keep me coming back to the Web, ‘cause I have been reading, even if not writing. These are the ones that give me a little frisson when I see a new entry in my blogroll.

I welcome my son’s new blog. It took me a couple of entries to get over the annoyance of needing a MySpace id to comment. I’ve always liked his writing and am glad to see him exercising it again. By the way: Happy Birthday, Allen!

I appreciate how much Karan at Flummel Flummer Flummo is able to share and how clearly and cleverly she writes it.

When Neddie Jingo writes about the local history he finds in his back yard, I find myself looking around my own place and wondering what might be buried in the local mud flats. I can’t usually keep up when he writes about music, but I love the ride when he cuts loose on one of his shaggy dog tales.

Spc. Freeman has a poet’s heart and a job in one terrible place. I appreciate both his writing and his commitment to the task in front of him.

Christopher Soghoian writes interesting posts about security issues -- not a trivial achievement. I learned of his blog when he hit the computer trade press for writing an airline boarding pass generator as a way to illustrate the thinness of the protection that our airport security system provides.

Blue Wren writes long, passionate, political harangues and deft, closely-observed descriptions of her own corner of the world.

Avraham amazes me with his testimony from Mogadisho, though it’s been a month now since his last posting (and, of course, there is reason to worry).

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