April 7, 2007

Everything's Ready To Go...

I'm basking in that moment, when everything is ready to go -- the winter's cache of branches and limbs torn out of the Douglas-firs next to our house have been hauled to the chipping pile, thanks to the thoughtfulness of our friend Ule, who called this morning offering to share his rental of a trailer and his help in loading and unloading; the house has been cleaned up: vacuumed, swept, tidied (and the other messes hidden away behind closed doors); the dog run and dried off; the groceries bought and put away; the planning and measuring and chopping for the meal completed; the table and sideboard decorated; and the double-shot of espresso just entering my brain -- for the final orchestration of the meal for our friends, who are coming over in about an hour. And I thought I'd take a moment to break a month's-long blog-break to memorialize that.

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