September 17, 2006

What It’s Worth

I haven’t been able to put together a coherent blog-thought this week, because we’re installing a major portion of a major application this weekend. It’s pretty-much taken up all of my energy and it took up pretty-much all of my weekend, too. Even after an intense week (too much to do to get ready, too many other demands), which left me rather tired Friday night, I found myself excited to be going in to work on Saturday morning. Weird, huh?

But it’s because this – delivering a new application that will help people to do their jobs – is why I’m in this business.

Changes in my work over the last couple of years have left me questioning what I’m doing, so it’s very helpful to have had this weekend to remind me of what’s important. I know I won’t get any recognition from management (only this phase is on time, compared to my estimate six months ago, so I’m late, which is all that matters), but the people using the application will appreciate it. They’ve been great and it’s a pleasure to have worked with them.

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