September 24, 2006


I’ve been very busy with work the last two weeks, but it’s calmed down a bit, so I have a few processor cycles to spare for writing. Thursday night was a good start putting work back into its place, because my wife and I and a set of friends traveled up to Seattle for dinner and a show.

We had a fun dinner at the Dragonfish Asian restaurant. They have an interesting menu, great food, and the company was sparkling.

The show was Wicked and played at the Paramount, one of my favorite venues in Seattle. I’ve been to many shows there, over decades, and it’s good to see it looking so good. The show was great. I knew the outlines, but I was impressed by the story – how it played off of our knowledge of the Wizard of Oz and then twisted our preconceptions, until we began to see the events that we’re so familiar with in a totally different light. I understand, however, that the happy ending we saw Thursday night differs from that in the book. It is a musical, after all, and it succeeded on that measure, too, with great performances, interesting sets and costumes, and wonderful songs.

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